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Doing More. Using Less.

All water softeners are not created equal. It can be confusing figuring out which system is right for you. AquaMaster makes it easier by offering three high-efficiency models that provide the very best in softening performance, user-friendly features, and space-efficient design.

They have also been designed with the environment in mind. All AquaMaster softeners conserve water, meet and exceed NSF performance standards, saving you money and energy cost while saving the environment.

Energy efficient.

  • AquaMaster high-efficiency water softeners use 80% less water than conventional softeners for the same hardness removed
  • Regenerate (self-cleans) only when needed, based entirely on water use (not timed intervals)

Superior softening.

  • Patented design packs more softening power into a small space using less water, less salt and less time
  • AquaMaster vs. Conventional Softeners


Simple to use.

  • Filter and resin are self-cleaning – no cartridges to change
  • Convenient, easy-fill salt cabinet
  • Space saving design

Reliable operation.

  • 10-year limited warranty
  • All units fully tested for quality assurance