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Dan E.

"Thanks for following up, we did purchase the 700, I am surprised and impressed with how little water and salt it uses, already we have seen lower water bills. I was also pleased to be able to install it myself. Yes, we would recommend an Aquamaster."

Doug H., AquaMaster Dealer

“We have been selling Aquamaster products since April 2002 and have been thrilled with the results. We have sold dozens of softeners and several RO systems with virtually no service issues. We highly recommend this product.

Erica R., AquaMaster Dealer

In the midst of the recession, AquaMaster has been a real boon to us. It’s something new, and exciting, and different. It has features that translate into real benefits. Being the only ones in the area who sell AquaMaster makes us stand out in the marketplace. It’s given us a real boost.”


"I am quite happy with the softener, it gets my recommendation to my friends and family because of its small size, integrated tank, and the fact it has a demand mode instead of a timer."

James R.

"I bought it last July, works great. I introduced it to my friends, three of them also purchased it."

Leigh S.

"Both Kelli and I spoke to you on the phone that day, and we were impressed enough that we bought one the same day. We've had it installed for about 5 weeks now and have been very happy with it so far. Thank you again for answering all of our questions. We would recommend your product to our friends if any of them show an interest in getting a softener installed."

Mark V.

"I just wanted to send a quick note expressing how pleased we are with our Aquamaster Water Softener.

The Aquamaster system has dramatically reduced our Salt usage and also our Regeneration water usage. This is particularly important as we have a Septic system. It is a well build unit.

We are happy with our purchase."

Mike F.

"I wanted you to know we did put other water softners to the test, by far your Aquamaster softners were miles ahead of all the others when it came to using less water and salt. We bought the 700 model and even hooked it up ourselves. (video helped)."