5 Signs that you could have Hard Water

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5 Signs that you could have Hard Water

Hard water, water that is high in mineral content, can affect the efficiency of your home's appliances, stain your appliances, dull your clothes and clog your plumbing system. It can even dry out your hair and skin! Not to mention, hard water can cost you time and money.

1. Your kitchen appliances, showerheads and pots and pans have a white residue: The white film on your pots and pans, showerheads, bathtubs and kitchen appliances could be a result of the minerals in hard water. While these residues aren't harmful to your health, they can be a pain to remove. They could even stain your fixtures! Yikes!

2. You have dry skin and brittle hair after bathing: In hard water, soap scum is very difficult to remove. If you have hard water, your hair and skin is most likely dry because of leftover residues from soap and shampoos. This soap scum could also cause skin irritations by forming a barrier preventing bacteria from escaping.

3. Your clothes aren't as clean as vibrant as they used to be: After they go through the wash, your clothes should look as good as new. The harsh minerals in hard water can damage your clothes, causing them to dull and sometimes even stain. Not only does hard shorten the lifespan of your clothes, towels, etc., but it also forces you to spend your hard-earned money replacing these ruined items.

4. Your appliances, fixtures and pipes need repairs frequently: The minerals in hard water can cling to the inside of the pipes in your plumbing system. These build-ups can eventually cause blockages requiring professional attention or replacement. Trust us—a clogged plumbing system is a huge interruption to your daily routine, not to mention a financial inconvenience!

5. Your hot water heating costs are higher than average: If your costs are higher than the average household's, you may be a victim of hard water. Over time, the mineral build-ups that occur in your fixtures and appliances when you have hard water can also appear in your hot water heater, affecting its ability to operate efficiently.

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